Are you thinking about investing in a new kitchen this Spring? With lots of ideas in your head here are just some of the latest kitchen trends which are going to be big this year.

The Industrial Look

This look strips your kitchen right back to the materials but keeps a stylish feel. The main focus is the use of components such as wood, metal and marble. There are no limits to appliances with this style as both vintage and modern works really well!

Storage to The Next Level

When it comes to our kitchen we want as much storage as the kitchen space allows –  but now with new fantastic storage inventions we can have clutter-free worktops and can store items with ease.


Over the past few years, minimalism has become a big trend for different rooms in your home and now it has moved into the kitchen. This trend focuses on the minimal placement of certain kitchen features and the use of more neutral colours. Minimalist kitchens often do not have many things on the worktops, keeping them looking fresh and clean. They are a modern style of kitchen and give a bright and airy feel.

At North East Kitchen Solutions, we keep up with trends and can create your prefect kitchen based on your ideas and needs. We will guide you through the process step by step making sure your kitchen is always in our best interests.

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