Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, making space can prove incredibly difficult. You may need more space on the work tops for preparing food or even just more space for people to manoeuvre within the kitchen, especially if you’re sharing the cooking with somebody else. In this blog, we are going to suggest some tips to help you create as much space as is possible within your kitchen.

Here at North East Kitchen Solutions, we have a largely experienced and skilled team who have years of experience in the kitchen fitting industry. Our lead fitter has over 25 years of experience and has fitted for high street names such as Magnet and MFI. While our designer has over 10 years of expertise behind them and works with our customers to ensure they end up with their dream kitchen. After being in this same line of work for such a long period, our team have seen a huge variety of kitchens, all shapes and sizes. This enables us to give you the best possible help in arranging your kitchen in a way that will save as much space as possible. When you ask for our help in designing your dream kitchen, our designer will sit with you and suggest numerous ways of catering to your needs and desires.

Having maximum storage in the kitchen is a key way of saving space, ensuring your work tops are not completely crammed with kitchen equipment and food. By installing cupboards with curved ends, we can double the amount of storage that you would have with regular cupboards. We have a particular skill in using your existing kitchen equipment or suggesting new equipment to act as storage space.  In some of our past installations we have used dresser areas and tall units as storage in kitchens. Another way of creating more space on your kitchen work tops is the option of having an island installed. By having an island in the middle of your kitchen, you are able to free up a lot more space for preparing food on the counter. This is the perfect option for you if your kitchen is of larger dimensions, as you will have extra work top space while the island will not be in your way.

If you have a smaller kitchen and are in need of more breathing space, an ideal suggestion would be the sliding cupboard doors which we can install. These doors, rather than opening outwards towards you, open by sliding along and can save you having to squeeze past if someone has the cupboard door open. If you have small children in the house, sliding doors can also be beneficial safety wise. They take away the hazard that is pointed corners which could harm a child if they were to catch themselves. While offering these practical advantages, sliding doors will make a modern, stylish addition to your kitchen.

As well as the various additions like the ones we have previously mentioned, another way to create extra space in your kitchen would be to do it more literally! Sometimes building work can turn a small room into a much larger one. We can carry out construction and building work if required. We are more than happy to undertake structural alterations and remove walls. For instance, you may have a wall between your dining room and kitchen that is restricting the amount of space in each room.  Our specialist team could come in knock down this wall, creating a huge amount of space, stress free!

If you are interested in having a spacious kitchen after reading this blog and would like our help in fulfilling your wishes, visit our website at: www.nekitchens.co.uk or call us on 01388 748299