At North East Kitchen Solutions, we are used to making kitchens of all shapes and sizes, come to life. A large portion of kitchens that we install, are contemporary designs. While a lot of people tend to go for the more modern form of design, it is becoming increasingly popular to take a trip back in time and go for a retro style of kitchen. In this blog, we’re going to be giving you our tips, for adding that vintage touch to your kitchen.

Classic colours

The colour of your kitchen, is of huge importance, no matter what type of design you are going for. By adding a bright colour scheme to your kitchen, you can really create that retro atmosphere that you are going for. We would suggest colours such as crème, blue or red. If you’re not wanting to go to bold with your choice of colour pallet, a suggestion would be to use bar stools, to add that splash of colour, in a much more subtle way.

American diner

While we are on the subject of bar stools, a perfect way to get the vintage look of US kitchens in the 1950’s, is to create the look of an visual of an American diner. Your elevated seating, can be lined up along a breakfast bar, perfect for sitting with a snack in the morning. You could even swap your regular kitchen furniture with a diner style booth, great for meal time!

Retro extras

What better way to make your kitchen feel retro, than the addition of 1950’s inspired artwork! Make sure any artwork fits in well with the overall colour scheme, but don’t be afraid to make it bright! Neon lighting, would give you a perfect mix of vintage and contemporary. Another way to ensure you really feel as if your kitchen is from the 50’s, would be to line your shelves or cupboard tops, with retro food packaging. You could even go the extra mile and include a jukebox or gumball machine in the corner of the room!

We have many years of experience in making people’s dream kitchens come to life. We are more than happy to listen to your ideas and work with you closely, so that the kitchen we provide you with, is truly individual to you! We are passionate about offering first class customer service and ensuring we are with you every step of the way!

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Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, making space can prove incredibly difficult. You may need more space on the work tops for preparing food or even just more space for people to manoeuvre within the kitchen, especially if you’re sharing the cooking with somebody else. In this blog, we are going to suggest some tips to help you create as much space as is possible within your kitchen.

Here at North East Kitchen Solutions, we have a largely experienced and skilled team who have years of experience in the kitchen fitting industry. Our lead fitter has over 25 years of experience and has fitted for high street names such as Magnet and MFI. While our designer has over 10 years of expertise behind them and works with our customers to ensure they end up with their dream kitchen. After being in this same line of work for such a long period, our team have seen a huge variety of kitchens, all shapes and sizes. This enables us to give you the best possible help in arranging your kitchen in a way that will save as much space as possible. When you ask for our help in designing your dream kitchen, our designer will sit with you and suggest numerous ways of catering to your needs and desires.

Having maximum storage in the kitchen is a key way of saving space, ensuring your work tops are not completely crammed with kitchen equipment and food. By installing cupboards with curved ends, we can double the amount of storage that you would have with regular cupboards. We have a particular skill in using your existing kitchen equipment or suggesting new equipment to act as storage space.  In some of our past installations we have used dresser areas and tall units as storage in kitchens. Another way of creating more space on your kitchen work tops is the option of having an island installed. By having an island in the middle of your kitchen, you are able to free up a lot more space for preparing food on the counter. This is the perfect option for you if your kitchen is of larger dimensions, as you will have extra work top space while the island will not be in your way.

If you have a smaller kitchen and are in need of more breathing space, an ideal suggestion would be the sliding cupboard doors which we can install. These doors, rather than opening outwards towards you, open by sliding along and can save you having to squeeze past if someone has the cupboard door open. If you have small children in the house, sliding doors can also be beneficial safety wise. They take away the hazard that is pointed corners which could harm a child if they were to catch themselves. While offering these practical advantages, sliding doors will make a modern, stylish addition to your kitchen.

As well as the various additions like the ones we have previously mentioned, another way to create extra space in your kitchen would be to do it more literally! Sometimes building work can turn a small room into a much larger one. We can carry out construction and building work if required. We are more than happy to undertake structural alterations and remove walls. For instance, you may have a wall between your dining room and kitchen that is restricting the amount of space in each room.  Our specialist team could come in knock down this wall, creating a huge amount of space, stress free!

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As the weather gets colder your house becomes more of a haven for getting cosy and keeping warm. So, making sure your home is ready for the Winter season is important, this includes making changes to your kitchen…

Update on Décor

One of the first steps to take is to make your kitchen look like it matches the winter scene. This can be done with the introduction of items such as a new fluffy rug adding a warm touch to your kitchen, an update on utensils perfect for cooking wholesome winter meals and maybe investing in some new pots and pans because research shows that over winter people spend more time cooking.

Kitchen Clear Out

With Christmas looming now is the perfect time to clear out your cupboards and fridge freezer. Taking out anything which you will no longer use, this means you will have maximum room for all the Christmas goodies for the whole family.


Why not introduce a new recipe to your collection this Winter! When it’s snowing outside a heart-warming meal is always well received. Plus, it’s a great way to bring the family together. This is where your new pots and utensils will come in handy too.

By following these tips, you can make your kitchen the perfect place to be when it’s freezing outside!

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Here at North East Kitchen Solutions we understand creating your dream kitchen requires everything to be perfect. Which is why we don’t just fit your kitchen, we bring it to life with added extras and a whole design team dedicated to you.

First of all, finding the right colour scheme to work with is a crucial step. Most likely you will have some colours in mind and when you are put forward to our design team they will help you pick the perfect scheme. From there we will be able to start putting together thoughts on the overall theme and accessories.

Lighting is a main feature of your kitchen and can be adapted to a particular style. We offer a wide range of modern and classic lighting solutions not just to brighten your kitchen but to make it trendy.

We will look for appliances that will match with your overall theme but also have the perfect functionality for you. Our broad range suppliers mean if your taste is a little out of the ordinary you can be sure that we can help you to find what you need!

To finish off your stunning new kitchen we offer a wide range of accessories to complete the look and add a little bonus. This includes things such as, blinds, radiators, dining tables and any added extras which we think would look good.

Here at North East Kitchen Solutions our team are with you every step of the way throughout your kitchen installation. Plus, we also offer an aftercare service just to make sure you are totally happy with your kitchen.

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Every year, new household gadgets are introduced offering easier solutions to jobs around the home. Kitchen gadgets are some of the most popular! In this blog, we look at the most revolutionary kitchen gadgets of this year.


Although they have been around for a few years, this year saw the popularity in this gadget increase rapidly, resulting in new state of the art Juicers. New diet regimes mean juicers now have many more features to benefit everyone. Whether you are using fruit or veg, new technology means it will sort them for you and make two delicious juices with no mixing. New juicers also have a less waste system meaning you get more for your money.

Home Pizza Oven

We all love being able to master the taste of restaurant food at home, and now you can with table top pizza ovens. Make delicious rustic pizzas from the comfort of your own home with easy set up and no fuss. This year pizza ovens have become portable meaning you can now cook inside and outside.


Every year we are treated to a range of kitchen accessories that make cooking that little bit easier. Here are just a few of our favourites…

Custom Engraved Rolling Pins – imagine being able to make personalised cookies or bread with your own initials, pictures or symbols. The choice is yours!

Herb Scissors – We all like to add seasoning to our meals, but with these new 5 blade pair of scissors, chopping strands of herbs has never been easier.

Spaghetti Portion Tool – No matter how hard you try it’s impossible to make the perfect amount of pasta. That’s where this tool comes in handy, simply slide your pasta through the various shapes and you will have the perfect amount for your appetite.

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When you talk to us about your new kitchen you can be rest assured that your kitchen will be 100% bespoke. We pride ourselves on our fantastic design and installation method creating your dream kitchen.

Your unique journey starts with our full design service, this is the perfect time for you to express your needs and wishes for your kitchen. We will use our knowledge and quality resources to put together a 3D model of your bespoke kitchen for you to fully review before we move onto the next stage.

Our experienced designer will then start to mock up plans for our installers, complete with your individual ideas and needs. We request all parts as and when we need them which is just another example of our unique service to you as a customer.

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Here at North East Kitchen Solutions, we do things differently…

We are a local, family run business who have been installing kitchens in the North East for many years. We work with every customer on a personal level and that’s what makes us so popular!

Unlike other kitchen installers, we know your new kitchen must be affordable which is why we offer to beat any like for like quote from high street retailers by at least 20%. We don’t charge unnecessary money for our service, we give you your dream kitchen at a price that’s right for you.

When you choose North East Kitchen Solutions to make your perfect kitchen, you will not be passed around throughout the process to different people who you have not dealt with. Our team cover all areas and so you will always be dealing with someone you are familiar with.

We are with you every step of the way, from the designing of your kitchen through to the installation and even aftercare. We make the process of a new kitchen hassle free and can even complete structural work so no need to outsource a builder. We have your best interests at heart!

For details on making your dream kitchen, contact North East Kitchen Solutions on 07951 234365 or visit our website to learn more about our kitchen services

At North East Kitchen Solutions, we do things differently… From your first consultation to kitchen installation, we take you through the process every step of the way and make sure your needs are always met.

Firstly, we sit down with you to discuss your dream kitchen, all the features you need and the overall look you are wanting. We understand you have a vison in your head and that’s why we take our time to think about the perfect kitchen features for you.

Next, we create a CGI model of your new kitchen, this shows it from all angles so you can get a good idea of what it is going to look like and gives you time to add any extra details you wish.

Then we move onto the fitting of your kitchen, we also do structural work like removing walls and plastering etc. so we can fully prep your room before the kitchen installation. Our install team have over 25 years’ experience and so you get a fully professional experience. We project manage your kitchen making sure you are completely happy with everything along the way.

Once the kitchen has been installed we offer great aftercare. We want to make sure you are completely happy with your kitchen and we are willing to answer any questions you have.

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Are you thinking about investing in a new kitchen this Spring? With lots of ideas in your head here are just some of the latest kitchen trends which are going to be big this year.

The Industrial Look

This look strips your kitchen right back to the materials but keeps a stylish feel. The main focus is the use of components such as wood, metal and marble. There are no limits to appliances with this style as both vintage and modern works really well!

Storage to The Next Level

When it comes to our kitchen we want as much storage as the kitchen space allows –  but now with new fantastic storage inventions we can have clutter-free worktops and can store items with ease.


Over the past few years, minimalism has become a big trend for different rooms in your home and now it has moved into the kitchen. This trend focuses on the minimal placement of certain kitchen features and the use of more neutral colours. Minimalist kitchens often do not have many things on the worktops, keeping them looking fresh and clean. They are a modern style of kitchen and give a bright and airy feel.

At North East Kitchen Solutions, we keep up with trends and can create your prefect kitchen based on your ideas and needs. We will guide you through the process step by step making sure your kitchen is always in our best interests.

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